Virtual admin solutions for Construction and Service businesses helping you create time for business

🎯Learn how to create and use effective systems and processes in your business.

🎯Understand how they give you consistency to help grow your business.

🎯Above all, see the benefits an extra pair of hands gives you. Most importantly, letting you focus on more profitable tasks. Then discover all this at a fraction of the cost of employing someone in an office.

🎯Business support that puts you in control of your customer experiences, builds profitable business relationships, raise conversions, and increases productivity.

🎯Helping you regain a  work life balance that frees you to focus on driving your business dream and what’s important to you.

🎯In conclusion, our range of admin services to small business owners and entrepreneurs. In particular, the Construction and Service sector. Helping you understand and plan processes, project management and customer support.

We deliver

Process Management

For instance, organising who does what, when and how.

Customer Service

Actioning your leads. Therefore, providing the personal touch for your clients.


To sum up, creating processes that are consistent and effective.

Admin Solutions

Let us complete those time consuming tasks.

Business Growth

Because that’s what happens when you have time to focus on the big stuff.

Life Goals

Business, personal, family, hobbies or whatever is on your bucket list.

Feedback from our clients

Are you a stressed business owner or entrepreneur who is feeling overwhelmed doing everything yourself?

Here are a few stories from our clients on what using our services means to them.

virtual assistant

🎯 When a builder said we were better than marriage counselling. He got to see his family in the evening and at weekends instead of working late on the paperwork. Most importantly, the arguments also had now stopped.

🎯 One client who had their best trading month ever. As a result, they were having to recruit to meet new growth.

🎯 A trade owner who wanted to stay on the tools and hated being stuck in the office.

🎯 The entrepreneur who needed to focus on other projects. However, they needed to focus their valuable time plus headspace to develop business opportunities on that.

Above all, these clients benefitted from our services due to realising doing it themselves wasn’t benefitting them or their business. They needed help, required flexibility and a cost-effective solution.

Trent Virtual Assistant is an award-winning online business support service. Providing specialist support for businesses in the Construction and Service Industries.

business admin
funnel process

In conclusion, we manage business information consistently and effectively. Therefore, providing the vital points of contact. That makes end customers feel valued and develops profitable business relationships.

As a result, our clients benefit from having more time to do proactive and profitable activities. Giving them the tools to scale up without the stress of sorting the paperwork.