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Our Mission Statement

Trent Virtual Assistant provides a specialist range of admin services for solopreneurs and small businesses. Particularly, in the construction and service sectors.  We provide effective and efficient back-office solutions , helping to understand, plan and action your system processes. 

We are a united team, working in partnership with our clients. To deliver business growth with purpose, drive, positivity, and pride.

Using flexible levels of support our team helps manage the everyday constant stream. Including: admin tasks, specialising in customer support, systems, and procedures. We help put your clients at the centre of your business.

Our vision is by releasing clients from the day-to-day admin, we are giving them a new work life balance. Using the extra time to do want they want. To either pursue new work, reclaim family time, restart hobbies or just be free, we aim to give you that choice.

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An Integrated Asset – 30 years Admin Experience

Sheona White - Trent Virtual Assistant


My name is Sheona White, and my background is in office admin, retail customer service and purchasing.

Since an early age, I have had a passion for being organised and helping others. When I was a child, I would make offices, answer the phone, create inventories, organise lists. I enjoyed finding out ways to do things more effectively. As a result, these early habits have stayed with me throughout my career. The core of everything we now do today is because of this, at Trent Virtual Assistant Ltd.

I started my career as part of a small team in an independent retailer. It was here that I started to learn the importance of delivering good products with knowledgeable customer service. Over the course of the next 30 years, I progressed to working in a fast-paced office environment as an international buyer. Acquiring further skills in business admin, analysis, buying and system development. Having an eye for detail has always helped!

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Throughout my career I have always been passionate about providing solutions to challenges. Seeing them implemented successfully. Witnessing people benefit from being able to focus on what’s important to them.

Trent Virtual Assistant was started in March 2016. In response to a need from local small businesses to have easy and flexible access to admin services. That would save them the outlay of putting someone in an office. Most importantly, giving them the boost to achieve their goals, grow and regain free time to do more productive things.

2020 sees Trent Virtual Assistant expanding into a team of dedicated and accredited VAs. All supporting clients with their specialist niche services.

Away from the office I chill out watching sport, sewing or crafting. I also love to learn and can be found tucked up reading either a self-improvement or a periodical whodunnit book.

Happily, being a VA has allowed me to see our clients grow, watch them to enjoy a happier work life balance, allow me to continue developing my skills, and be me.

I live in Nottingham with my husband, daughter, and Tosca the adopted cat (although she points out I am still a cat person in training).


Our Business Values

Trent Virtual Assistant have a glass half full mindset.
We always see opportunities and not barriers. Bringing a positive approach to our work.
Therefore, always striving to provide an open and transparent work ethic for our clients. We see communication as being key to a good honest working relationship. We always encourage our team to be open and practical for clients as possible. 

It is important to us that a client is in control of the service we provide. Also, that they see steady progress and have easy options to take the next step.

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